VPC Quiz Questions

What is the minimum size subnet that you can have in an Amazon VPC?
A. /24
B. /26
C. /28
D. /30

What properties of an Amazon VPC must be specified at the time of creation? (Choose 2 answers)
A. The CIDR block representing the IP address range
B. One or more subnets for the Amazon VPC
C. The region for the Amazon VPC
D. Amazon VPC Peering relationships

Which of the following is an optional security control that can be applied at the subnet layer of a VPC?
A. Network ACL
B. Security Group
C. Firewall
D. Web application firewall

What is the maximum size IP address range that you can have in an Amazon VPC?
A. /16
B. /24
C. /28
D. /30

You create a new subnet and then add a route to your route table that routes traffic out from that subnet to the Internet using an IGW. What type of subnet have you created?
A. An internal subnet
B. A private subnet
C. An external subnet
D. A public subnet

What happens when you create a new Amazon VPC?
A. A main route table is created by default.
B. Three subnets are created by default—one for each Availability Zone.
C. Three subnets are created by default in one Availability Zone.
D. An IGW is created by default.

You create a new VPC in US-East-1 and provision three subnets inside this Amazon VPC. Which of the following statements is true?
A. By default, these subnets will not be able to communicate with each other; you will need to create routes.
B. All subnets are public by default.
C. All subnets will be able to communicate with each other by default.
D. Each subnet will have identical CIDR blocks.

How many IGWs can you attach to an Amazon VPC at any one time?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

What aspect of an Amazon VPC is stateful?
A. Network ACLs
B. Security groups
C. Amazon DynamoDB
D. Amazon S3

VPC Quiz Questions

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